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Hi, so I am quite new to this site even though I was diagnosed with RA when I was 16 years old. At that time for no apparent reason my body started aching, had fatigue, went to Dr. that evening. Was put on antibiotics which really did nothing for me and my body started swelling at every joint. Back to the Dr. On Saturday and was sent to hospital to be admitted. After 2 and a 1/2 weeks of not being able to bend my arms much, chew food, my eyes blood red with infection, hardly able to walk and had kidney infection. I had so many doctors and specialists in to see me they finally came up with RA. Was put on coated 10gram aspirin 6 per day for the next year. Of course this was in 1969.

Fast forward many years and after 3 children with no real issues from RA. From the late 80’s forward I had issues with knees, shoulders, ankles and elbows, but was never referred to a Rheumatologist until 2013 even though was giving Naproxen then Arthritic for about 10 years. Rheumatologist took me off Arthritic onto Plaquenil. With in the next 3 years and not able to take tramadol or tramacet for pain. As my career is in health care doing personal care of patient’s there were many mornings I was in tears or close to them getting ready for work but never once did I call in sick. I persevered through until spring of 2016 when over the previous months wearing a brace on my right wrist and my body became inflamed to the point I could not go on. I was also sharing a home with my mother who had health issues come up and I had to look after everything plus the travelling to many Dr’s appointments for both of us. I now had a Urologist and Nephrologist and being referred to a Gynecologist for issues. I was put on prednisone, reducing every 2 weeks by family Dr then when I saw my Rheumatologist he got me started on Methotrexate self injections In spring of 2017 after surgery in Feb. I had a rash that became burning, very sore and itchy I went to family Dr was told a reaction to Methotrexate At this point I had just finished the course of Prednisone. So now off of Prednisone and Methotrexate I was given Celebrex for pain which help to keep me going except for a brace on my right wrist.

In spring of 2017 I was having test for fatigue and tightness in my chest. I was told I have heart problems and was put on a generic Lipitor med and a low dose aspirin. I started on July 3rd by July 9th I was taken to hospital by ambulance. I had a severe reaction to the Generic Lipitor drug which affected all my muscles, caused severe muscle pain and total fatigue to find out end of September after an angio-gram it was a false positive for heart issues.

Not able to work anymore or look after my mother I had to moved in with my oldest daughter and family, my mother went with a sibling. My Rheumatologist has now also diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia Rheumatica both brought on from the severe muscle reaction to the Lipitor, along with the RA and OA I have. As I have a 14 step curved staircase to get up to my bedroom and main bathroom which can be very hard and unsafe for me my Occupational Therapist and my daughter suggested and helped with an agency for assistance for a stair glide lift. I have just turned 65, use to go out dance on the weekends with a great circle of friends and now I am finally able occasionally able to get out but so far no dancing as I know what it will do to me. So that is where I am now in my life with RA, OA, Fibro and PMR.

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