How I Thrive

Last updated: July 2022

People often ask how I can be so upbeat with all my limitations? My answer is "what other way is there?"

I WILL NOT let my diseases ALSO take away my joy!

I also have Behcet's disease, with lesions all over my body, my brain, & my vascular system, along with my RA. I spend most of my life in my nightie, or in bed.

Supporting others to support yourself

I find others I know & send them uplifting notes. I call the widows & infirmed from my church & listen to their woes. I refuse to allow autoimmune diseases to take my personality & my caring heart.

The steroids have destroyed my adrenal glands, I have more allergies than I can count, and my husband also has AS, so we complain to each other.

Combating depression from RA

I may appear as a pollyanna as you suffer yourself, but this is how I survive & thrive mentally.

I refuse to be prematurely old or bitter, I WIN! RA & Behcet's will never take my spirit.

I send you all hugs & feelings of peace & emotional healing.❤️

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