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Hello I have no cartilage in my knees and that's due to me not taking my meds on time like I should have when I was a child. The damage in my knees is so bad that they are always bent. I have to walk on my toes so I can stand up straight and not be hunched over. I have done worse damage by walking on my toes because nowadays I don't know how to walk with out being on my toes. In one way it was a coping meginizam in another way it was doing its own harm. Has anyone ever had this problem? Sometimes I can walk flat footed in shoes mostly with a shoe that has a small heal so I can walk flat footed but bare foot forget it it hurts to much. Now I have callas on the balls of my feel that are awful and make my ring toe stick out and hurt. I walk with a cane for balance because I tiptoe everywhere. My unofficial nick name is tiptoe Tammy. I don't mind it sometimes other times I just wish I had better legs and could walk normal. I know I sound like in rambling I am just not sure if anyone else has had this problem. Some days I am very positive and others I wish that I could just be "normal" a.k.a. walk without discomfort or resistance to straighten my legs. At the same time I can't bend them rather. All I ever wanted to do as a kid was sit on my feet like the other kids could. I know its corny lol. Thanks for reading my rambling about my knees. Hope all is well.

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