My RA Journey and Treatment Success

It's been a little over 2 years since I have been diagnosed with this disease.

Before my RA diagnosis, I knew something was happening

Before I knew what I had, I was in severe pain. It hurt to get out of bed, put on clothes, walk to the bus stop with my child, and even drive my own car. Before this diagnosis, I went hunting and fishing whenever an opportunity arose.

The pain was awful and kept happening.

Then this awful pain happened and kept happening to me. It felt like someone had a knife stabbing me in the shoulder while someone else pulled my arm out of socket. On top of that, my hands hurt to wash them.

The medication has seriously helped.

But then I met my wonderful rheumatologist and my best friends, Remicade and methotrexate.

Within 30 days of receiving this treatment my symptoms vastly improved. I now go every 8 weeks and get my infusion and take my methotrexate as prescribed by my Dr.

Life has really improved for me.

Life is much better now that I have found these meds. Now I tell everyone that I went from a zombie to a wind up car. I say this because right after my infusion, I am wound up and ready to go. When it gets closer to time for it again, I'm down to a slow jog. But at least I'm moving along. Not like it was before the drugs.

So I just say thank God for the miracle of Wonder Drugs.

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