Trials and Triumphs

I have been on this website for the past 5 months and finally I want to share. I was dx with RA last April by my primary and saw my now rheumatologist in Aug., who confirmed a mild-mod. case of ser-neg. RA.

This RA pain is very specific and very painful. I also have had other chronic conditions that cause pain and fatigue. I have been disabled for 18 yrs. I did not want another dx that added to my already daily pain and fatigue.

I found myself saying 'why me, why do I get MORE! I can't and don't want to do this.' So much fear. So much anger. So many tears. Another process of loss and letting go. I've done this way too often.

So I've been lurking on these pages when I feel especially low. I feel better when I read of your trials, tribulations and triumphs. I then know I am one of a membership that is brave one day at a time, no matter the pain and fatigue levels.

Thank each of you who show up on and contribute to these pages. And to those who are reading these pages I wish you hope and healing.

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