Understanding & Consideration

Two and a half years ago when I turned 26 I was diagnosed with RA. It started with all the joints in my hands and the pain got so bad until I had to get medication to be able to use them again. Now it’s right through most of the joints in my body but my hands and feet still remain the worst. Each day there is new challenge to deal with. In my hands and feet I’ve got Raynaud's disease that causes pins & needles, numbness, very low blood circulation which makes them turn blue especially in winter and rainy weather. With all the stress because of added depression and the long term use of medication I now have a hernia and can’t keep any food in my body. Those are only some of the symptoms. Constant pain and fatigue, for some people to understand this illness they can't see is very difficult. Especially in your work environment. To have RA (the invisible illness) is no joke.

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