Being uneducated

I was diagnosed 14 years ago while carrying my third child. It's been an incredibly difficult journey, I'm now unable to work, I have worked two jobs all of my adult and loved it!
I have spent the last 8 months off all my RA meds..methotrexate and inflixamab, due to my body fighting chicken pox. The chicken pox was horrendous and it resulted in my knee replacement getting infected also. I've had my infected knee removed 9 weeks ago.
Because I'm on no RA meds,my body is going in and out of flares constantly.
I'm desperately hoping for surgery very soon to put my knee back in. But what really has upset me the most is how people say the rudest things to you..why?! Like.. "aren't you lazy, sat not doing much all day"?! Even my own mother upset me today, she helps clean my home and while dusting, she remarked.. "this is why I love my own home, it's lovely and clean"?! Please people without this crippling soul destroying disease, please just keep a check on how you speak to people..

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