Who knew a cold could affect RA symptoms?

I'm writing this from bed. I have a nasty cold that appears to have caused a flare up of joint pain in my jaw - a place that is usually pain free. And so it goes...

I was diagnosed with RA about six years ago and I have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to this disease. At the moment my symptoms are pretty well managed with Rituxan infusions and Nabumetone for breakthrough pain. My symptoms have been well managed before with other medications though, only to end up coming back in full force when that medication stops working. Or when I develop a severe allergic reaction and have to start over with a new medication.

These unexpected turns keep me realisticI don't expect my current RA good fortune to last forever.In the meantime, I will do as much as I can while I am feeling up to it. I'm a Pilates instructor and practitioner and I use Pilates to help maintain muscular strength and range of motion in my joints despite the RA. I also love to take long walks with my dog. Getting fresh air and sunshine every day helps me handle the emotional ups and downs that I experience, whether they are related to RA or the more mundane stresses of life. I have my good days but allow myself pity partiesI have worked hard to cultivate (what I think) is a good attitude towards this disease. I allow myself "pity-party" days where I openly acknowledge to myself and those close to me that it's a bad day and I am feeling sorry for myself. On those days, I binge-read the stories posted here for support. On those days, I give myself the grace of not having to meet expectations or finish my to-do list. But on the good days, I savor feeling strong and pain free.I am proud of what I am capable of doing despite this rather large obstacle in my life. This cold will pass and take the jaw pain with it. Rituxan will eventually stop working like the other medications did and I will find another. RA will throw me another curve that I'm not even aware exists yet. I will handle that too, and as long as you don't catch me on a pity-party day, I will handle it well.

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