Upcoming Dr. Visit for Diagnosis

The probability that I have undiagnosed RA is hard for me to ignore any longer, and so I have an appointment with my PCP this coming week, for bloodwork, and a discussion about my symptoms ... ones that I have not really mentioned to him, in prior visits.

I am 60 years old, and prior to 2021, I was in relatively good health. After experiencing a reaction to my second Covid vaccine (heart issues), I never really bounced back....and unusual symptoms began.

Numerous symptoms

My lower legs would tingle, get hot, and swell.

2 ER visits for suspected blood clots led to one ER doctor saying I had a Baker's cyst.

Weeks later, a bunion I'd had for a year, began to grow. Hammer toes quickly came next.

Months of more random swelling of the lower legs, fatigue, weight loss, vision changes, pain, etc. followed.

I tried to ignore the symptoms, as best I could....didn't even discuss them with my doctor during a refill (for heart rate med) visit.

Then came the occasional burning in my feet, and extreme tenderness in the hammertoes... so much so that it even hurt to wear socks.

For the past month, I have awakened with tingling hands. It won't go away, for at least an hour, no matter how often I change positions.

My fingers are now so swollen, I can no longer wear my rings.

Is it RA?

Symptoms seem to be manifesting themselves very quickly...and I am terrified.

I tend to put myself last, as I am known as the family caretaker...so none of my crowd knows just how terrible I feel. They know I have swollen legs/fingers and am fatigued, but that is it.

I put all of my symptoms into a "checker", and they overwhelmingly point to RA.

I have read so many articles, and stories, in this group, and am so thankful I discovered it!

Does anyone have any tips for my upcoming doctor's visit? Any particular tests I should ask for? Things I should say if my dr. feels it is a " wait and see" situation? Any pointers would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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