Walt's story, my successful battle with rheumatoid arthritis!

Last updated: October 2015

Hi I'm Walt Merrill. Do you suffer from horrible arthritis joint pain? Me too! I've suffered with my autoimmune disease for 10+ years.
Doctors told me, there's no cure for arthritis. At my worst, I required a walker to move around. Not willing to accept a wheelchair or surgery, I made my best decision.
With my family's help, I changed nearly everything in my life.

After researching, reading, studying, and investigating for many months, I discovered my 12 steps to greatly improving my lifestyle.


No more fast food, junk food, diet foods, soda, processed foods, sugary sweets - changed to drinking pure water, eating fresh organic vegetables and fruits with less meat!

I no longer use a walker or cane - No Pain at all.
Now, I play golf again and walk with no joint pain.

So happy with my recovery I've devoted my life to helping and mentoring Arthritis sufferers around the world.
If you have any questions about my journey, I'll be happy to answer if I can.
Thanks for reading.

Stay happy + healthy,

Walt Merrill

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