Was I Losing My Mind?

I'd had a regular week at work as a computer system administrator. It was a Friday night in the dead of winter in Central Texas. Cold but nothing unusual. All evening I had noticed that I was absently rubbing my left knee cap. When I really paid attention I realized that my knee was really, really hurting. So I tried to recall if I had bumped it somehow that day at the office. I couldn't come up with anything. And then the pain abruptly stopped and I was so relieved! 15 minutes later the intense pain came back in my right knee. What was happening to me? For the next 4 hours this pain increased immensely and then it would stop and 10 minutes later moved to the alternate knee. I was eating OTC pain killers and no relief at all by midnight. I recall laying curled up in bed, rolling side to side in pain, my husband and my best friend trying to console me, and it felt like a sharp knife was scraping the inside of my knee cap. And this pain kept alternating from knee to knee. I thought I was going nuts! How could this be happening? How could this excruciating pain leap from knee to knee for hours? I recall begging my best friend to call any of our friends for some type of serious pain killers! My husband wanted me to go to the ER but I just knew they would say that I was psychotic! And the other weird thing was the heat that could be felt to the touch along with the pain. So I suffered along with it and finally soaked in a bathtub of hot water. Things calmed down eventually later that morning. The next week I got my first appointment with my RA Doctor. He had no answers for me except to say that it did not appear that I had RA but he would run bloodwork. When I saw him again he said my labs looked normal except I could see something was off and I pointed it out to him. And I started doing my own research. I discovered Palindromic RA! He had never heard of it! I don't think he really believes that it's a real diagnosis even to this day but I know that is exactly what I have had since 2005! It has since migrated to include full blown RA but I still have bouts of just Palindromic RA at times. And it will only affect one side of my body for an hour or two, abruptly stop, and move to the exact opposite side of the body. So I'm not crazy! The Tee in Texas

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