RA - A Way Of Life

Being diagnosed at the age of 23, was never easy for me or my family for that matter. But the worst thing was we were clueless about Autoimmune RA. None of my family members had this ailment nor did our friends. People came up with opinions that just hurt me mentally literally telling me, I am making everything up or rather am too lazy to work a day in my LIFE.I was already depressed with a lot of things and this was just a cherry on the top. I lost all hope, got depressed more, lashed out my anger because I couldn't handle the pain or swelling all over my body. Going to pee seemed like a challenge to ME... But my beacon of hope came as my homeopathy doctor, I was never on steroids for Rheumatoid Arthritis from day one. And I never regret my decision since I never had to face the crucial side effects of it. I was in homeopathy from the start and Dr. Nanda is an amazing person who guided me and bore with all my whining, my depression and my anger. His medication was slow yet powerful. Two years I never felt a change; I wanted to give up....but he encouraged me and so did my family, every person needs a support system to get through with this tough ailment. And yes faith in the ALMIGHTY God. You need to cling on to the faith that Jesus has a plan for everything in your life. He’s given you a crisis because he knows you have it in you to bear it...All of us have our crosses to bear. My dad is an amazing example to this, he lost his wife (my mum) to cancer, yet he never gave up on God. Everyday he constantly prays despite everything that has happened. I truly believe I can overcome RA and live my life to the fullest. Yes, I may have to give up a lot of things but I guess a sacrifice is needed for a little bit of happiness. Hope all you guys out there are doing okay. Hang in there

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