Why me?

Aug. 3rd normal day, Aug. 4th started normal and within 2 hours of being at work, my hands broke out into purple blisters, felt like I had been burned. 4 hours in ER, they were clueless.. back to the DR the next day and she sent me to a dermatologist, but now besides the blisters on the outside, the inside, my joints are hurting.., he calls a rheumatology to come see me.. Vial and vial of blood tests, mri's, xrays, biopsies, exams, questions, etc.. 8 months later they finally say it is rheumatoid arthritis, but you are negative for the antibodies that most have.. My pain is like a roller coaster. From Aug - to about mid December.. pain every day, then it just quit.. 1st of March pain is coming back..
I'm 48 years old, I work in the public 4-5 days a week, but the past 8 months has been exhausting. The pain wears me out, I'm always so tired, can always fall asleep in no time, yet I do not ever feel rested. I've gone from 2 pills to too many pills. I'm now on Plaquenil, Folic Acid, Methotrexate, and currently a 2 week course of Prednisone to control the pain. How can I be on so much medicine so suddenly? Did I also mention I'm now also on Nexium and Zantac for severe acid reflux? And then my allergy pill and my blood pressure pill, too many pills, I don't want to take any medicine.

I just started Methotrexate 2 days ago.. First day that I took it, fine.. 2nd day was fine.. day 3 after taking first pills, stomach has hurt all day long and I'm so tired.. I even over slept for work by 2 hours this morning and I don't over sleep, ever.. so tired.. Is this a side effect of the Metho? What is worse.. tiredness or pain.. Will it get worse.. will I be able to keep working.. I'm so tired..

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