my wife tested 48 CRP with RAF it RA

Just the last week I was aghast to know when the physician who was treating my wife for low fever and swollen legs which he was initially taking it as an off shoot in sugar level, informed that it is RA. Though RAF was 10 and CRP two weeks earlier was 26 and then last week it shot up 48.

Since then I have not rested and searched all possible corners to get the info and the possible help. It's a delight to find a one at your site.

What I have found in my research is that crp gets shoot up even when the sugar level is high which 218 so in her case.

After the mepodrem inj the swelling has gone and she was feeling better until she was put on sulphasalazine which made her condition worse than the flare. She has taken the pill only seven days and has lost 9 kgs as a consequence of loss of appetite ...and that too I'm told that the pill will continue for a couple of sounds dreadful....

I have been searching for other alternative therapy. I have put her on a mix of ginger powder Withania and turmeric from last three days.....will share the results.

Since it is something came out of blue and caught me unaware i was shaken and have yet to overcome the trauma...I would solicit your suggestion and support and guidance. Thanks friends.

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