Unexpected help from Zoloft

Greetings, all. This is my first visit and my first story.

For background, I was DX'd with prostate cancer in early 2018. 44 radiation treatments and all is fine in that regard. Early 2019 I was DX'd with OA and RA. For the RA I have been on methotrexate, prednisone, and oxy for the debilitating pain.

Zoloft is helping my RA pain!

Well, all of these health problems got the best of me and asked my PCP for an antidepressant. He prescribed Zoloft and for the first 2 weeks it had minimal effect. Week 3 brought remarkable results. Not only have my mental issues subsided but the best part is I AM RA PAIN FREE! Perhaps totally unrelated and I have yet to tell my rheumatologist or PCP but the coincidence is remarkable!

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