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Natural Remedies & Alternative Therapies


  • By pkh57

    Trying Turmeric for relief of joint inflammation. Has anyone tried it and what did you think?

  • By Lauren Tucker Keymaster

    Thanks pkh57 for reaching out to us!
    While the community may have tried tumeric and can chime in with personal experiences, here is an article that I thought would resonate:

    Additionally we like to keep in mind that different treatments work differently for everyone and I hope that the communitty can provide you with support or feedback in any way.

    We are glad to have you here.
    Best Wishes to you,
    Lauren ( Team Member)

  • By Eebtool

    I have been using turmeric for just one month now on the recamondation of my rheumatologist because I get a bit of aches & pains from my workouts. I do not like taking any more pills than I already do. Now my RA is not as severe as many other people that visit this forum, but I do feel the turmeric may be helping for me a bit. Only needed Advil one day in the last month that I can remember.
    Taking (1) – 500 mg capsule (2) times a day.

  • By Erin Rush Moderator

    Thanks for sharing your insight, Eebtool! I am glad turmeric has helped you feel better! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  • By findoutforyourself

    I read a study that said that it was as effective as an OTC pain reliever. However, what is very important to note is that the herb is “hard to absorb.” Thus, brand is important. I use CurcuminRich brand. It is the #1 absorbed form of curcumin.

  • By Erin Rush Moderator

    Thanks for sharing, findoutforyourself! Since vitamins and supplements are not regulated like medications, it’s sometimes hard to find a quality product. I am glad you have found one that helps you feel better! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  • By Lioness77ful

    I use turmeric as a natural pain reliever and find it very helpful. I think it’s definitely worth giving it a trial of your own to see if it helps you. Remember everyone has different bio chemistry and so it may or may not work for you but give it a try. I use it in my cooking as well as boiling the root and making a tea from it. I think that how it is taken can also change the effects.

    I have been using turmeric for over 3 years and I find it helps me a lot. Hope it works for you too.

  • By nancy5287

    I had to change RA medication because I developed heart failure. While the new medication worked to keep my RA symptoms in check and the heart failure resolved itself, it was not as good as the original medication. I had a great deal of stiffness in my fingers especially my right middle finger which I could not bend into a fist anymore. Within 3 days of starting with a 500 mg Turmeric Curcumin supplement my hands were supple and moving so much better! I take one capsule each morning at breakfast and the results with my hands continues. I don’t think this is a substitute for an Advil as I still need to take that before bed or I can’t sleep but the general flexibility I now enjoy in my hands is amazing!

  • By ktinflorida

    I have been staying away from tumeric because it is supposed to increase your immune system and I am on meds to suppress my immune system, so wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? I have discussed this with a friend who has another autoimmune disease and she used tumeric until she had a pretty bad flare and had to go on chemo. Honestly, I don’t know what to think about tumeric. We don’t k ow tumeric had anything to do with her big flare, but she has toned it down in her life and I don’t go out of my way to include it either. Has anybody else heard anything like this? Interested in your feedback.

  • By Richard Faust Moderator

    Hi ktinflorida. Different people certainly have different experiences with adding anything to their treatment regimen. You may want to try our Facebook page for additional feedback at You may want to ask your doctor if adding a immune system enhancing substance like tumeric would have an effect on your other medications. Always check with your doctor before adding any new treatment. Best, Richard ( Team)