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Experiencing Chest and Rib Cage Pain with RA

Last updated: May 2023

If you've ever experienced chest pain with rheumatoid arthritis, you aren't alone. This pain, inflammation, and tenderness in the sternum area is called costochondritis, an inflammation of the cartilage near these joints. Check out the below videos to learn more about this condition and how you can best manage it.

Important reminder: if you’re experiencing chest pain, please do speak with your doctor(s) to rule anything else out. This is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment.

Costochondritis and rib pain

Costochondritis is a rare condition involving inflammation and pain in the cartilage where your rib meets your breastbone, or sternum. It’s typically on your left side, and gets worse with a deep breath or cough. The below video provides an overview of the condition and explains a couple simple things that are usually recommended with the condition.

How to manage chest and rib pain from costochondritis

Cheryl explains how having upright posture can help provide some relief from costochondritis. She also explains how propping up with pillows when you sleep can help you sleep more comfortably during a costochrondritis flare up.

Stretching, PT and OT for costochondritis

An evaluation and treatment by a physical or occupational therapist can help provide some relief from costochondritis. Cheryl shares one of the exercises that help people with costochondritis in the below video.


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