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Preparing for the Season

The seasons are changing and warm weather is finally here after a brutal winter. RA flares can cause great discomfort when the seasons change. In this video, Nan discusses how to be proactive by preparing for the spring and summer so that RA flares don’t prevent us from enjoying the seasons and outdoor activities.

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  • sondecicada
    6 months ago

    Your video is precisely what I needed! I just came inside from working in my garden and your suggestions are very practical and realistic. I am going to slow down and take it one small step on the time. I live in South Florida and it is very hot and very humid. I am going to do my gardening in the early morning before the day becomes a sauna. Thank you for your video!

  • Nan Hart moderator author
    6 months ago

    So glad that to hear that this video was helpful sondecicada. Humidity is another one of those challenges to most of us with RA. I think your strategy of gardening in the morning is a great way to counter it. Taking it slow and easy is my favorite phrase since RA entered my life. All the best to you.
    Nan ( Team)

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