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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Pets can be a source of comfort and support to those of us with RA. I share how my dog, Leah has done just that for me.

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  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    2 years ago

    Aww, Leah is such a doll!! I have a Coton de Tulear who is very similar to her. I cannot imagine navigating RA without my pets. On top of providing comfort they also lack judgement. They don’t know/care I am not fully well or fully capable of certain tasks. I never have to worry around them.

    Marmalade (my eldest cat) sleeps on my affected joints at night which is totally sweet (the heat is very nice, too) but she’s rather heavy! Sometimes she hurts me a little more but she’s just so loving that I can’t be upset with her!

  • Angela Lundberg
    2 years ago

    Oh, Nan…I love this video! Thank you for sharing. Your dog looks so sweet, too. 🙂

  • Dr. Lisa
    3 years ago

    That was a wonderful video. I guess I didn’t realize how much my little dogs contribute to my comfort. Just the other night Tootsie jumped up on my bed in the middle of the night when I was experiencing a painful night. She seems to have an empathy for my discomfort and comes to me when I’m not well. Since I’m no longer working, the dogs provide me with company while my family is at work during the day. Your video put a smile on my face and helped me to realize another positive aspect of my life. Thank you.

  • Richard Faust moderator
    3 years ago

    So glad the video resonated with you Dr. Lisa. Once you think about it, the impact that having a pet can have is pretty amazing. Thought you might like this article from one of our contributors on how animals can help:

    Hope you and Tootsie have a pain free day. Best, Richard ( Team)

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