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Footwear Transitions and the Seasons

It is important to transition our footwear from season to season to avoid some RA pitfalls.

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  • jane
    12 months ago

    Excellent Nan. I am in the Southern Hemisphere and heading into warmer weather, still wearing my lace up ankle boots.
    I am very reluctant to change them as I will as you say have a few days of sore feet and I start the day with another pair, less of a boot but I end up not entirely as comfortable and go back and change them.
    I have been know sometimes in the summer to still have them on and wear less elsewhere on my body to be able to feel feet wise okay. The disappointment of buying shoes and then discovering they are not comfortable is ongoing. My podiatrist said any shoe I can bend in half is inadequate, so that’s a good test I now follow. Thanks again, good tips to follow.

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