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ACCP & RA F Positive

Hello there, Am new to this RA community website. Thanks for all the information and your experiences; you all are sharing. I have been having shoulder pain (unable to lift my hand, wear shirt etc) since last 3 years. This shoulder pain comes and goes staying only for one or two days maximum. When this shoulder pain comes, i use to take Multi Vitamin that uses to reduce my pain and remove the pain over one or two days time. This shoulder pain comes once in two or three months; Some time its my right hand shoulder and sometime on both the hand shoulder. I got my blood tested for various parameter and my recent results;

Anti CCP at 1600 RU/ml and
ANA (anti nuclear antibodies) at 0.42 - OD Ratio (Its negative),
CRP (C-Reactive Protein): 2.21mg/L Vs Specs of <5. (means, no inflamation as of date today)
RA Factor at 86 IU/ml Vs Specs of 0 to 14;
ESR at 10. (Specs <10)

As of today and since last two months, i have not had any shoulder pain or any other joint pain. But results above clearly indicate that am RA positive (Sero positive).

I consulted the RA doctor and he gave me Prednisol but am not taking those tablets as i dont have pain anywhere at this moment.

am consulting Rhematologist again and seems he is going to put me for x-ray or MRI scan to determine the damage to the bone and based on this he is going to give me DMD (Disease Modifying drugs) seems to be.

At this stage, I really am asking myself am I really RA patient ??and what is the meaning of above results and if i am RA patient, why am not getting clear clinical symptoms like - joint pain occuring every week, stiffness every day morning etc.,

Any feedback/comments would help to know more.

Definitely I will be keeping all of you in my prayer and wishing a pain free days and qucik recovery to everyone.

  1. I had a very similar experience to you. Mine was in my hands and wrists and once in shoulder. Came and went with no observable damage, but more frequently about every 10 days, for about six months in a row. Bloodwork showed high anti-ccp and positive RF. I started Plaquenil, no improvement. A month later added methotrexate at 12.5mg/week. I have had no symptoms since beginning MTX four months ago and barely any side effects. Dr says RA but I think palindromic rheumatism. That's where I am now!

    What did you do?

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