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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Hi, I saw in a recent article about what helps people with pain and someone mentioned Chinese herbs given to them by an acupuncturist. I am not sure if that person is still on the boards but if anyone has experience with this I am curious. I am getting acupuncture which does help and taking tons of supplements. I have changed my eating completely which also helps but continue to have episodes of traveling swelling and pain. It is not near as bad as two months ago and I have not taken Advil in a month. I was given some herbs but of course always worry about safety of any product. If anyone has any feedback or specific formulations (there are TONS of Chinese options) I would appreciate it. I am not on any DMARDS. My next step would be LDN if this doesn't work. Thanks!

  1. Hi Lac294! I do hope you get some feedback from the community on this topic. I will say that it's always a good idea to check with your physician before starting any new treatment options. And, as you know, any treatment may work quite differently for each person. Also, it's good discuss any herbs you may take, to make sure they will not interact with any medications you may be taking. Here is some information on natural treatments, including herbs, which may help with certain RA symptoms -- I hope this helps! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi Lac294,
      I have tried different Chinese teas recommended by an acupuncturist. I used them for about a year when I was first diagnosed along with acupuncture and deep tissue massage. Unfortunately for me, they didn't work. It seemed to have the reverse effect as the tannins in the tea made my muscles contract so tight I had problems lifting my arms. The acupuncture just triggered my fibro. The only thing that helped was the massage. Everyone's different, so I hope you find what works for you. 😀

      1. Usually I try not to rely on alternative remedies. It's really hard to know whether they are working or making my condition even worth. Still I did try lavender and eucalyptus oils for soothing the pain. But there aren't the permanent cure. Also tried shilajit (more on it ) to fight listless and keep on going though I might be feeling pain. Still, before I was making any of these alternative remedies choice I talked to my doctor to make sure there won't be any side effects or some unusual body responses

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