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Is there a safe and "quality" supplement for adrenal support?

I've been on steroids for 13 years (low dose). My goal is to get off of them COMPLETELY. I am looking for advice as far as a natural safe supplement that supports Adrenal Gland. There are so many out there and so many different prices. Yikes! Anyone have any experience with this sort of supplement?

  1. Hi Patricia!

    This is a great question and one without an easy answer, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, the vitamin/supplement industry is poorly regulated and monitored, so finding a quality product can be a challenge. And with so many MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) companies focusing on supplements, it's easy to fall prey to the unrealistic and unsubstantiated claims those companies make. There *are* some minerals and vitamins that have been shown to help with various RA symptoms. which you can read about here -- Please note that not all of the supplements listed have been tested specifically for RA symptoms. As far as finding a quality product, well, since the regulating of these products is shaky at best, that can be the biggest challenge. Not to overwhelm you with reading, but here is some helpful information from Consumer Reports about finding safe, reliable supplements -- I wish I could just direct you to a certain adrenal support supplement and say, "This is it! Just take this and it will help!", but I can't. Really, it's about finding what works best for you. At the very least, try to take vitamins and supplements that have been USP certified -- And should you start taking any supplement or vitamin, please let your doctor or pharmacist know, as they should be able to warn you if your new supplement/vitamin could adversely affect your current medications. I hope this helps and good luck! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank you for the information! I appreciate it and will look into this.

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