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Does anyone have advice when traveling on airplane?

Does anyone have advise when traveling on airplane? Are you more susceptible to germs taking enbrel)? Should I travel with mask on? Scared of getting sick,etc. Help!

  1. You can call the airline and have a transport ready to take you to the next flight. The transport is often motorized but occasionally a person to take you via wheelchair. I am using it this year.

    1. Hi QTPie. Air travel can certainly be a little frightening for those with compromised immune systems. In this article Carla discusses traveling with RA, including avoiding getting sick: In addition, Kat offers tips for how to keep a smile on your face during air travel: Good luck and happy travels, Richard ( Team)

      1. Thank you I appreciate the references!

    2. Lots of water and get up every so often to keep from getting stiff. I also bring a a travel pillow and a light lap blanket.

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