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Ankle Lumps - nodules?

About 6 months after I was diagnosed with RA, I got mirror-image lumps on both ankles - 2 on each ankle. They popped up all at once, I noticed them one day doing dishes, dropped a spoon, looked at my ankle and yelled, lol! I was so surprised to see this.
They're on the outside, about the spot where your ankle bone is. About the size of a large walnut. One on each foot is sort of thick feeling like there is actual tissue under it, and the other is larger, less defined, and extremely soft like it's just fluid/swelling. Both are nice and round, just these huge lumps. Very unattractive, lol. I've showed every doctor I have, multiple times, and they all just say, 'Hum' and don't say anything even when I ask, 'what is this?'
Reading about RA it occurred to me that they might be nodules but they're not supposed to be on your ankles. So I just don't know... Thank you!

  1. @RAH8R Lumps, bumps, mumps, clumps and sumps - RA has given them all to me at one time or another. Strange things happen during the night and then you wake up with a thing that I didn't have the day before - it's perplexing and sometimes downright frustrating. That's RA, though, you fight the disease AND the fear of the unknown. In my 30+ years with RA I have realized you can throw "supposed to" out the window, ha ha, everything I was "supposed to" do or be didn't happen and the impossible happened to me so much that I should have been a magician. That's just RA and trust me, you're not alone in that. Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. Thank you - lol! RA is the devil! LOL

    2. Any time! 😄

  2. I have nodules on my hands and feet, so I'm wondering if surgery is an option for my hands?

    1. Thanks for reaching out @ikmamita. Most people who have nodules do not require surgery because it is more of an aesthetic issue than it is a painful/problematic, however in some cases surgery may be required if the nodules are in sensitive areas of the body or obstruct mobility in some way. Have you been able to discuss this with your doctor? If not, we strongly encourage you to do so. Gently, Ashley (Team Member)

    2. Thank you.
      My rheumatologist pretty much said, no you don't need surgery. But I feel since it seems more nodules are developing on my hands, that I'm considering it anyway. Even though, there is a lot to plan for being that I'm on these dastardly drugs.!!

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