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Is there another name for RA

Just wish there was a name other than RA to make more clarity of disease. I beginning to just call it an autoimmune disease. It is easier. Seems people can understand better that is is more than joints. elirose

  1. I call it big AL. It is about the same for most people.

    1. Rick,
      I must be a little asleep or mind not sharpened, what does AL stand for" Thank you for the reply , I will be thinking about it Love, elirose

      1. , I hear you! So many of our community members have shared how RA just doesn't convey the seriousness of this disease. Many people refer to you it as Rheumatoid Disease (RD) instead of RA. That's one way for the condition not to be confused with Osteoarthritis (OA). I thought you might like this piece on the question of what to call RA -- You are definitely not alone in thinking that "RA" just doesn't fully cover living with this chronic disease!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

        1. Thank you , Erin. I did read the article . I appreciate your input. Love, elirose

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