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Anti-ccp test

how accurate is the anti-ccp test?

  1. This test is about as accurate as the rheumatoid factor (RF) test (about 70% of people with RA show a positive test). But it is more useful as an early predictor of the disease.

    1. Hi folks, I am new to the community. I have PsA and my husband has RA. He was diagnosed with the anti-ccp test along with other clinical signs. His Rheumatoid factor was negative but his anti-ccp test was "sky positive" according to our wonderful rheumatologist.

      I hope it's OK that I joined the community even though I am not an RA patient. Unfortunately there isn't a, but perhaps, someday, that will change. Thank you for this wonderful resource.

      1. Hi there, of course you're welcome here! PsA is similar to RA in so many respects. Sorry that both you and your husband are suffering with these cousin diseases. Glad you like the resource!

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