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Any suggestions?

So, I just recently realized the financial expense that comes along with having RA...or at least the beginning of costs related to it. Don't get me wrong, my insurance is better than nothing, but my out of cost for each rheumatologist visit with the lab work is expensive. About six months ago I started working part time. I did this before my RA diagnoses...before my life changed. Financially, things were fine with my part time job, but now it's a struggle with the medical expenses. The place I'm working at is a place I've worked before, and I told them I'd be willing to be there long term. But now, I'm considering having to change jobs to a full time position just to be able to better manage the medical cost. I don't want to end up having to skip appointments because I know I need to go for every visit. I guess, what I'm looking for is some support. On one had in feel bad for telling them I'd commit long term..but on the other, I had no way to know I'd get sick and need much more income. A raise or more hours where I'm at is not an option. Then, I also have to consider the strain of working full time again, although I know I can do it. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

  1. Hi savedbygrace! I am sorry to read about your diagnosis. I think you are being very wise to start planning for the future. If you have the possibility to get a fulltime job, then you may want to consider that option. I don't think you should feel guilty in the least for telling your current employer you could be a long term employee. There is no way you could have known that an RA diagnosis was in your future. Here are some community tips and tricks on working while living with RA -- Also, while I hope you never need this information, here is some information on workplace discrimination and your rights -- I hope you are able to decide what works best for you (staying or going). Please don't hesitate to update us or reach out again if you have any other questions. Best, Erin, Team Member.

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