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Anyone experienced painful lymph nodes? What has helped?

Hello everyone, I've had RA for around 25 years, at times in remission, at times active. Recently I've been getting soreness, pain and other sensations all around my torso - chest, sides of stomach, neck - and it's been super disturbing and scary! I think it's the lymph nodes and I understand that can be part of RA (I've also been having a flare up with on and off pain and stiffness including, i think, a bit of gout). Has anyone else experienced this? If so what has made it better for you? Thanks for reading and for any help.

  1. Hi karren! I am very sorry that you are experiencing pain. If this is a new or worsening symptom, we always recommend notifying your physician. Your rheumatologist may have some suggestions for dealing with this issue. Various lymph node issues are not uncommon with RA. You can read a bit about the correlation here -- I hope this information is helpful and again, don't hesitate to approach your doctor about this. Best, Erin, Team Member.

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