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Anyone on Actemra?

Hello my dear friends,
I did a search and found one person who had mentioned it and one of their stories. Thank you for sharing!

Wondered if anybody had some info they'd like to share from their own experience as I started this biologic in February 2022.

Thank you for any insight! Take care, Sharon

  1. Hi ! I have not taken Actemra so I don't have that perspective to share. I did find some other discussions that might be helpful as you wait for more responses:,, I hope this is helpful for the time being before others chime in! Warmly, Reggie, team member

    1. Thank you so much, Reggie! Take care, Sharon

      1. Hi there I am on actemra It’s been about seven months I go every four weeks and it’s been OK but after about three weeks I’m definitely feeling that I’m needing my next infusion. Are you on it how are you doing with it?

        1. thank you for sharing! I use the self injection pen every two weeks. And yes about a few days before my next injection I'm feeling small flares starting. Overall though it does seem to be helping. And I will discuss with my rheumatologist at my next appointment as I see him every 3 months but he is always available should I need him sooner. Hope you find relief soon Ange! Take care, Sharon

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