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Ask Me Anything Live: With Rheumatologist Dr. Donica Baker

*Updated at 6:00 pm est on 5.24.23*

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We hope that the answers provided by Dr. Baker have provided more insight into living with RA. Dr. Baker was not able to answer every question, but she will be sharing a follow-up article to answer questions for those who left one.


In this forum thread, our RA Health Leader, Dr. Donica Baker, will answer questions from the RA community - live - on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 5 pm est!

What questions about living and managing RA do you have for Dr. Baker?

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  1. Can RA cause bruising to affected joints.

    1. AIP paleo Phew doctors, they have been completely useless to me with 3 autoimmune diseases .What did help the auoimmume paleo diet. It's hard to maintain b/c cooking from scratch and food restrictions. If you r rich a company has some good things Paleo on the go. Just try giving up nightshades then if better give uo gluten. If more improvement u must read up and get some cookbooks "

    2. Yes rheumatoid arthritis can cause bruising to affected joints from inflammation. Another condition that can do this is Achenbach syndrome which causes paroxysmal bruising of the finger.,fingers%20and%20sometimes%20the%20feet.

  2. I'm 46 and got diagnosed with RA last August and have since been taking hydroxychloroquin, I would prefer to not take pharmaceutical drugs if I could help it, I've started talking pure vitamins C, vitamin D3 and K2 and also MSM sulfur, Im wondering if any sufferers have come off prescribed medication, and stuck with organic alternatives, and if it's a good idea or not, I am still taking hydroxychloroquin but as I say I'd rather try a more holistic and organic approach.
    Thank you.

    William Martin

    1. That's a great question!! A lot of my patients want to be minimalistic about their treatment and would rather take as few medications as possible. I think it depends on the severity of your rheumatoid arthritis. Mild RA can be managed with anti-inflammatory diet, natural approaches, and lifestyle changes alone. Moderate RA is usually managed with a combination of lifestyle changes and oral medications.

      Severe RA with joint erosions and frequent flares are difficult to manage with supplements and natural approach by itself. This may require more medications and even biologics. I guess it depends on which category you fall into it, whether you have severe swelling and flares, and whether you have joint erosions developing.

    2. @Marcela I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this!!! I wonder if you should get tested for gastroparesis or another stomach issue that could occur separate of rheumatoid arthritis? If you have a family history of Crohns disease in your son, should you see a gastroenterologist to get evaluated for that??

  3. Thank you Lori
    I really appreciate your help, I'm going to take a look at the information now.
    All the best to you too.

    Will Martin

    1. My question is: At what point will you start to feel better? I have been on so many medications, biologics and now my 4th kind of infusion and I am still suffering. It has been almost 3 years now. So will I ever feel better or will it ever get better?

      1. AIP Paleo diet my friend

      2. Wow, I'm so sorry you've been suffering for 3 years with terrible symptoms!! Most of my patients feel better around the 3-6 month mark but some take longer depending on even individual case. I wonder if you should get evaluated for other conditions or overlapping conditions?

        For example could you have another autoimmune disease in addition to RA? Could you have osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia along with your RA? I guess it also depends on whether your symptoms are more joint pain, swelling, fatigue, or combination of all or more.

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