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Anyone else asplenetic?

I couldn’t tolerate any of the nsaids nor dmards and am scared to try biologics with no spleen. My RA has been increasingly worse since March and I’ve got to move forward with something, as I am only treating the pain and taking supplements for inflammation. I would really like to find an alternative to biologics. I read an encouraging article regarding cannabinoids and RA, that there were signs it could stop the progression of the disease but that further studies were needed. They are illegal in my state in any case. I need a way to fight without immune suppression.

  1. Hi rudybart. Sorry to hear you are have this combination of conditions making treatment difficult. For your protection we cannot provide medical advice over the internet. There are some articles from our archive looking at alternative and complimentary therapies for RA:
    Of course, any addition to a treatment regimen should be discussed with your doctor. Hope you find some relief soon. Please know you are always welcome here for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

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