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Back/hip pain with RA

This is the worst source of pain, closely followed by my hands. From my research, it seems as if back pain is not typically associated with RA. Anyone else? I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and have just finished a round of Prednisone to get a "baseline" for other potential treatment options.

  1. Yes I agree when my hips/ lumbar spine or hands are hurting, it’s a different and intense pain and I’m down in my chair for however many hours/days. I’ve had RA seronegative for 4 years and I’m on Placquenil, methotrexate inj, Remicade and naproxen along with everything else I take. That prednisone will definitely tame it. I hope the Doctor gets you on a regimen that works for you. Everyone is different and so are the regimens. Best wishes. Betsy m

    1. Dear Sbab

      1. My RA Dr tells me my lower back pain is from Degenerative disc disease... plus I have bad Scoliosis

        1. I was diagnosed in 2018 with RA and started seeing a rheumatologist for a year nothing she put me on did anything and anytime I said anything about pain in other places she would say it's not related go see pain management. Last year I had enough and got a new rheumatologist which has changed my world she wanted to know every place I had pain and when I told her about my back and hips she said let's try the new medicine an see if it helps, which it didn't help with my back and hips so I had an MRI done which shows I have AS and severe osteitis pubis.

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