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What is the best mattress for RA?

I am having issues with my hips and back. I wake up in pain everyday. So, what kind of bed do you feel is best for this?

  1. Hi dawnvg! That's a great question. Everyone has their own opinion on the best mattress and I do hope you get some feedback from our community members. Some people prefer a very hard mattress, while others prefer a soft mattress. I know some members have enjoyed sleep number type beds or adjustable beds (like a Craftmatic). I am in no way endorsing any of these products, I am just sharing what I have read within our community. If you are not ready to take the dive into a big purchase like a mattress, some of our members have found foam toppers, heated mattress pads, or body pillows to be great additions to their sleep routines.
    I hope this helps give you some ideas! Thanks for reaching out and I wish you luck getting a good night's sleep! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I have a 2 foot long hot pad which covers either both hips, my back, across my shoulders, both knees. It lays on a firm mattress, with a stiffer pillow. i have a small pillow which shims the upside wrist when sleeping on my side. both wrists have a flat platform and neither wrist or elbow is stretched (hanging down). Ill build a nest that supports everything that stretches and when it hurts i turn on the heat.

      1. Hi dawnvg. As you can see, pillows are a popular way to try to find some comfort while sleeping. One of our contributors writes about the strategic placement of pillows to help with various RA issues in this article:

        Concerning a mattress, you may want to ask your doctor about your specific issues and areas of concern to help determine where support or a little more softness is most necessary. A physical therapist may also be able to offer some guidance. Wishing you well and keep us posted on how you are doing. Richard ( Team)

        1. Thanks Richard for that article...I've just started having an issues myself with bed rest so this will be very helpful for me!

      2. Hi. If you are having pain in your back, then you can try changing your mattress. A change in mattress might benefit you. For your help, I am sharing about the organic mattresses Boca Raton that has benefited my friend. She now has a comfortable and good sleep after choosing this mattress.

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