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Beware of how fast things can happen

Friday 22nd June 2018 I see my general Dr... My legs are swelling more than usual, I feel pretty awful and I am starting to get some red patches on my skin; hands, legs, feet. He gives me antibiotics saying "Take them if you need them, let me know how you are getting on early next week...."

02.00 Monday 25th June 2018.... Rushed into hospital by ambulance, temperature 39.1c (102.5 F), hands and legs very swollen, evident bright red cellulitis all up feet, legs to nearly the top of the thighs, hands and forearms. Rigors (convulsions). My diagnosis was indeed cellulitis, along with dangerously high calcium levels which have yet to be explained

After massive doses of antibiotics and having my system flushed with saline, I have made a recovery. Not yet full but I am now home, still on antibiotics and under medical supervision from a visiting nurse.

The ONLY reason i have posted this is to say... Do not wait to seek medical help.

If we had waited until maybe 9am and then rung the Doctor I could well be either dead from sepsis or in a very serious condition. Make sure you get timely help.

Better to ask for help and not need it, than to wait too long.

  1. Hey MaxDrave! Thank you for sharing about your experience with the community. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you! What a scary situation. I'm glad to hear you're recovering and doing well. We are thinking of you... You will be in our thoughts as you make your recovery! Thanks for being here in the community with us. Warmly, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Alesandra, much appreciated.

      Since my outing with Sepsis, my wife and I have now been reading up about it of course..... Of those who survive around 50% report everything from depression to PTSD, high stress levels, insomnia, fear of a relapse and so forth.... It takes up to 18 months to properly recover from and one is more prone to infections for a very long time.

      Having now been home around 3 weeks, this last Wednesday I finished the full course of antibiotic in tablet form which had been given to me intravenously in hospital.

      By today, Friday, I had started to show relapse symptoms. Ligament tightness over both wrists and behind the knees/down the leg to the feet... plus a slight headache.... I never have headaches.

      So after seeing my Dr today I am now on two different antibiotics, one dealing with an apparently drug resistant urinary tract infection and one for my skin/cellulitis.

      This Monday gone my blood counts were fine, we shall see how they are Monday coming. There is also a urinary tract infection test being done... This takes about 5 days to grow on in a Petri dish, so we should know the result next Wednesday.

      No one knows what has caused the infection which lead to this, a possible RA flare up has been mooted, or maybe infected arthritis.... Personally I think it was when my dog accidentally scratched my arm 3 days before I went down with Sepsis.

      Truly people, this illness, this infection of Sepsis is extremely dangerous and very fast acting; very fast indeed ..... So read up about it ..... If you have a very high temperature, if you have 'rigors', as in convulsions which you normally do not ... Please seek instant medical help, do not wait and see.

      We suspect I am only alive because we did not wait to get serious medical help.

      Take care all.

      1. It seems very easy for docs who do not know is to underestimate the seriousness of medical issues we present with. What a tough time for you

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