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Bloating on Methotrexate

Hello! I am about 3 months into taking oral methotrexate, and really feeling relief (not total, but I can actually wake up in the mornings and the first thing I think ISN"T "there is no way i can do this" anymore- which is huge)!!!...

I feel like a truck hit me the day or two after I take my dose.. but I have had a persistantly bloated stomach since starting it.. i feel like i look pregnant.. it's really frustrating.. Is this common?? for it not to just be two days afterwards, but everyday??

Thank you in advance!

  1. Thanks for reaching out bny806. Sorry you have a bloated stomach. Starting a new medication can result in side effects and those can vary from person to person. Anytime you have any new, changing or concerning symptoms, speak with your doctor right away. Wishing you some relief soon. Kelly, Team Member

    1. Me too! I thought maybe it's because I didn't take my somac with my dose - do you have anything to take for the stomach lining? Maybe that might help?

      1. Try switching to the injectable version of MTX. I bet that will fix the problem. Not the feeling like you are hit by a truck problem though.

        1. How often for the injectables? I love the original comment on the truck - that's exactly how I originally described my pain - that and walking like a 90yr old...

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