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Blood test to verify RA diagnosis?

Hi~my rheumatologist ordered a Nucleated RBC blood test that was elevated. I was diagnosed with RA 17 years ago and had given up on rheumatologists until an endocrinologist insisted I see one, because of the prednisone I have been taking.
This doctor seems to be trying to "undiagnose" me because I didn't have a positive RA factor blood test. My CRP is continually elevated and I definitely have flares, subluxation in hand joints, etc.
Does anyone know anything about this specific test?

  1. Hi sugarpine! While I do not have any personal knowledge of this specific blood test, I hope you get some feedback from our members that may have had it done. I will say that some of our members have seronegative RA, which is a form of our RA that does not reveal itself through blood tests. You can read more about it here -- I hope you get some definitive answers! And if you feel uncomfortable with this physician's care, don't hesitate to find a new physician. It is very important to have a good partnership with your doctor, especially when you are dealing with chronic conditions like RA. Thanks for reaching out and best of luck! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. My understanding is that it has something to do with bone marrow. Is your white count elevated? Are you on Methotrexate?
      I know there are autoimmune diseases that effect bone marrow. Anything beyond that and I am flat out guessing. They could also use it for other things besides bone marrow. I really don't know, but if you had the test and it was elevated, I agree that you should see the Rheumatologist. I think further explanations or testing is a good idea.
      I hope it turns out to be nothing. Please let us know.
      Take care.

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