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Is anyone using bone broth?

New to this unfortunate disease, I'm still desperately trying to find ANYTHING to make me feel better. Medications are working on pain and inflammation quite well, but I've just been derailed AGAIN by debilitating fatigue. I maintain a vegan a diet and happily so for a variety of reasons, but someone suggested drinking bone broth--I'm desperate enough to try it, but would love to know if there is any research or personal experience one can share with this idea?

  1. Hi kingkatekong. I can't speak to efficacy of bone broth, but fatigue is certainly one of the more perplexing and devastating aspects of RA for many. No one is completely sure what causes the fatigue. It is hoped that treating the systemic inflammation can help. This article from our editorial team looks at fatigue as a symptom: Hopefully, others can chime in with some thoughts. Wishing you some relief. Richard ( Team)

    1. There's nothing magical in animal products which you cannot get from plants.

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