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I would love to know where I can see the movie Cake It is about a woman with RA. Thanks

  1. Sharon, I have not heard of that movie and had to look it up. It appears that the movie is about chronic pain and not someone with RA.

    1. thank you for looking. Someone online said she watched it last night. It is about a woman with life long pain and how she copes.

      1. Actually, one of our bloggers - Angela - just wrote a review of the movie! Check it out:

        ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

        1. Its with Jennifer Aniston. They have it on amazon. I didn't know it was about RA. Gosh its been in my Cloud drive for weeks. I need to watch it tonight. Thank you for posting. If you have an Amazon Prime, its either free or low cost to stream it.

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