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Can throat pain be related to RA?

I've had throat pain for a week now. Not a sore scratchy throat, but more like inflammation inside my neck so it hurts to swallow... I'm still new enough to this to not know what's related to RA and what's not.

  1. Hey ! Great question! It's entirely possible, as there is a joint in your throat - the cricoarytenoid joint. This article may give you more insight here: Definitely worth bringing up to your doctor(s) if you have concerns! Thanks for being here with us 😀 -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!

      1. Hi , thanks for your question! Just wanted to add that in my personal experience, I've had an inflammation-like pain similar to what you are describing that often correlates/coincides with having an RA flare. It's painful, and I'm sorry you are experiencing this. I'm unsure if it's RA-related, but regardless, if you have any concerns, you should talk to your doctors about this!

        Take care,

        David ( Team Member)

        1. Thank you - I think I've narrowed it down to actually being the back/side of my tongue - I had a sore spot on my cheek there a week ago and it seems to have moved to my tongue, which makes the pain go down my throat and even into my ear when I swallow.
          I wonder sometimes if I'm a hypochondriac now, as well as having RA, LOL!! I hate always bothering my doctors, but I'll ask if it doesn't go away.
          Thanks very much!!!

      2. It's Always a good idea to ask about Any New aches or pains & I think we All can relate to feeling like a hypochondriac. Sometimes every new day brings a new little gift or surprise that RA loves to make us deal with. I personally made some bad decisions with thinking every new pain was just another RA trick I'd have to manage. That being said I suffered for way too many years with agonizing Hands and Arm pains when in reality I had another new disease of CRPS just hiding. Luckily I got into a fight with my Pain Mgmt Dr and showed him pictures of my hands in a Claw position and that tipped him Off that that wasn't RA & now waiting on approval for some nerve blockers that can hopefully take at least some of my pain away. So Always ask about everything & keeping a pain log definitely helped me. Good luck & better health depends on communication.

        1. , this is such good advice, and so helpful for remembering why it's important to bring up any new aches or pains (or ones that are getting worse). In addition to worrying about appearing a hypochondriac, there's the added potential of a doctor also dismissing new aches/pains as "just RA", and I'm sorry to hear that you've been suffering in such pain for years before getting the CRPS diagnosis. What a great idea of taking photos to show the doctor! And now I'm crossing my fingers that the nerve blockers get approved and help you get some relief. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and reminding the community of the importance of sharing new symptoms with your doctors! Wishing you a gentle day. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

        2. Hi . Absolutely! It is easy to assume that new symptoms are just, well, something new with the RA, but that's not always the case. Autoimmune conditions love to collect comorbidities. It is so important to check to see what the cause of new symptoms might be. I'm tagging our patient leader because I know he has written on this topic. Hopefully you can get started on your new treatment soon and get some relief. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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