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CBD Hemp Oil - did you try?

Hi there,
now I am on my way to find some food cures for RA as the only method that works for me is massage. However, you know, it's rather expensive to visit those salons and especially go to Asia for that purpose.
Turmeric powder still doesn't work for me. What about hemp oil? There are lots of articles that say it really works (like this one right on this particular website). I wanna try a hemp product like as a source of cbd or smth like that. I'd like to hear about your personal experience, guys. Do those THC and CBD herbal extracts help? Smoking maybe (I don't even mind moving to CO/CA for that 😀 )?

  1. I started using CBD oil and I am almost pain free! My hands were so bad and my feet too. It took me about a month to be almost pain free in my whole body. I take a 750mg strength of pure CBD oil. The company is top notch too! I am so blessed to be getting my life back! It helps with my brain fog, fibro pain and neuropathy. Also my mind is much clearer and my memory seems to be better too!

    1. Hey,

      I've been experimenting with different CBD products for about a year now and I found one that I really like. It comes in an oil tincture. All I do is take it in the morning before I go to work, and I'm virtually pain free. Obviously there are some days that I have pain...but I'd say 5 out of 7 of my days are pain free.

      I've recommended the product ( it's called Tiva) to a few close friends and they've been really happy. Hopefully it helps! Good luck, friend!

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