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How does CBD oil make you feel in the morning?

For those who use the CBD Oil - How do you feel in the morning?

While the oil does help me focus, deal with the pain more, and with anxiety, I find that when I wake up in the morning my joints are stiff and I'm in pain for a little while. However, it does seem to happen more when it rains. I will also try to see if there is a difference if I take it before I go to sleep. I just need to know if anyone else is experiencing this.

  1. CBD Oil is amazing! You feel rested in the morning!

    1. Is it legal to get mailed to you from another state?

  2. Yes, it is legal if it has no thc, I've been using CBD oil with equal parts tthc. It works well for me.

    1. I have medical grade CBD with 1:4 ratio CBD/THC. It helps with sleep immensely. I haven’t noticed any more pain than usual.

      1. Many people report that use of THC and CBD products are helpful for RA pain

      2. how do you get cbd 1:4

    2. Perhaps you might also have OA.

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