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CBD Tinctures? good/bad? Looking to hear your opinions


Does anyone have any knowledge about CBD oil and if it has worked for them to mitigate pain? Looking to hear both sides of the discussion. Thanks for the help!

  1. Hi MattD and thank you for your question! While you wait for other community members to chime in with their experiences with CBD oil, I wanted to share this article with you: I hope this helps! Thanks for being here with us. Warmly, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. I have been using cbd oil for 5 months! It is amazing it helps with the pain and inflammation. I can walk as long as I take it!! Just become well educated before trying so many different brands out there that aren’t pure

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience, @crgrabow! I'm glad you've found that it helps. - Nina, Team

    2. I have tried High CBD Tinctures, but it affected my stomach. I then tried the spray, but now switched to the THC and High CBD Vape. The best sleep only happens when I use the THC Vape. I am truly grateful for it. Please remember, that using THC comes with rules if you have a medical marijuana card. No driving! At least in NYC!

      1. Glad you are having luck with the CBD and THC vapes. I've never tried the vapes, just the capsules and patches. It has helped my sleep significantly.

        1. What brands have worked out to your advantage? As the cbd oil I tried didn't affect me at all. My husband and I drove an hour to buy it and paid quite a penny I was extremely disappointed . Thanks in advance for your opinion

        2. The hemp derived cb oil I use is amazing it changed my life. I am Cathy Grabow on fb

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