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I have been taking celebrex 100 mg now for about 4 months it's been a help to be honest but the last 2 weeks the pain is back and worse than ever albeit without the swelling I've had to change my dosage from 2 a day to about 4-5 ive had to or I'll end up losing both my jobs,they've taken bloods and have said that it is very high as in R/A terms?

Has anyone got any suggestions my rheumatologist said she'd see me in a few months and she wants me to stop taking the celebrex for about 10 days prior to my appointment my gp believes me but don't know if anyone else does x

  1. Hi John ~

    I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering more than usual. Considering there has been a big change in your symptoms it would probably make the most sense to get in to see your rheumatologist as soon as possible - rather than waiting several months. You could call your rheumatologist and tell him/her that you are dealing with increasing amounts of pain and worried for your job. If it is a matter of appointment space he/she may be able to put you on a cancellation list - or you may need to find a rheumatologist who can see you sooner. Most people with RA will need more than just celebrex to control their symptoms, and your doctor is the best person to consider all of your symptoms and help you decide what treatment makes the most sense from this point forward.

    Best of luck to you!


    1. Thanx x

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