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What is the best product for chapped skin?

I have post nasal drip every day cannot seem to clear this up. My nose is really chapped inside and out. What is the best product to put into your nose for this. I have used Vaseline, A & D ointment, as well as Neosporin. Does anybody else seem to have this problem besides me?

  1. You might try lip balm such as chapstick. They're wax based and might work better - or worse.

    1. Hi Lgallaway. Have you spoken to your doctor about potential allergy issues? Allergies are often comorbid with RA (and other autoimmune conditions). In this article one of our contributors writes about her issues with allergies and RA: Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Went to pcp office for a reoccurring skin infection. I saw a md in the absence of my pcp. I told him I believed I had mersa. Skin infection no.1 Sept. 16, 2017.. The skin infection was almost gone till I bumped my leg right below the skin tear on my left leg. The skin tear ripped open on December. 2 2017. Went back to pcp in the absence of my pcp I saw the same md who treated my first skin tear. He said no to mersa that I had a sinus infection. He rx Flonase. Flonase has cured my post nasal drip. But he did not rx any antibiotics for my second skin infection. He told me it was never going to heal as long as I am taking predisone. Gradually weening off predisone. Have been taking it for 3 years. I was taking 4 mg. On Jan 1 2018 I weened myself to 3 mg.. On Dec 14, after a cluture my pcp rx clindamycin and extended it to 5 more days for skin infection. It's a skin tear now about the size of a quarter. 2nd skin tear is healing slowly. I have an appt with my rheum on January 12 to discuss my r a treatment. The mtx alone is not working. My 2 year checkup for glasses I been back 4 times because I have now been diagnoised with glaucoma. My OD says it is the predisone I'm taking. I cannot wait to see my rheum. We have a lot to discuss. After 4 months of problems I am ready to start feeling better. Thank you community for responding to my question on how to clear up post nasal drip. I had it for a total of 6 months but no longer seem to have that problem.

    2. I use carmex every night before I go to bed and it seems to help.

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