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Chest pain

I experienced chest pain on the left side, around my ribs, which increased and radiated around my back. I couldn't sleep on my left side. It lasted most of the day, and I finally thought I was having a heart attack. After a trip to ER, numerous tests, it was not heart related. I went to Rheumatologist, who dismissed RA involvement. My primary doctor gave me a prednisone tapering script. However, being an RN, I researched and found connections to RA..???.
Has anyone ever had these symptoms? I still feel soreness in left chest rib area, whenever I 'm feeling other RA symptoms sending me to the tylenol.
Any comments?

  1. I was diagnosed with RA when I was 12, when I was 17 I had an episode where I legitimately thought I was having a heart attack. The ER doctor dismissed me as well, I think he called it an anxiety attack. Because what 17 year old has a heart attack? Even knowing my medical history he dismissed me.

    I felt a tight stabbing pain in my heart, I could only take quick shallow breaths, almost to the point where I felt like passing out.

    My mom called my Rheumatologist and he diagnosed it over the phone. Pleurisy and Pericarditis is the inflammation of the lining of the lungs and heart. It can feel just like a heart attack.

    I believe they put me on a burst and taper of Celebrex, a high dose Ibuprofen, I'd imagine prednisone would help as well although Celebrex may be a safer long term solution. I have had maybe a handful of attacks since.

    1. Also had severe chest pain....started as increasing pressure left chest over several weeks. Then turned into stabbing pains left chest but only at rest. Had numerous cardiac work ups and cardiac cath. All negative. Doctor put me on daily Imdur ER, a long acting nitrate which really elimated the symptoms. Cardiologist diagnosed me with Prinzmetal angina, a type of vasospasm of the coronary arteries and micro vascular system. Dysfunctional endothelium....which can be caused by RA. Goggle Prinzmetal angina to see if that is a possibility for you. If so, nitrates or calcium channel blockers work well for treatment.....

      1. Hello everybody!

        Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and I'm so sorry you had a hard time finding doctors who listened.

        BettyBusteed, since you mentioned rib/chest pain I thought this article might be useful to you: It outlines some of the symptoms people with RA/RD might experience as well.

        It's very important that you speak to your doctors before changing any medications!

        All the best and please reach out any time for support!
        ~Monica ( Team Member)

        1. I have aching bilaterally in the midline area of my ribs. It can get quite sore. I feel it when I breathe also. my rheumatologist said that it is costochondritis. Common with RA.

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