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Cold wet weather, yikes!

As a newbie who lives in a warm very dry climate, not experienced much with cold and wet for years (don’t miss Seattle). The past two days have been cold and wet and windy here. Won’t be back to nice until Sunday. Wow, does this hurt! Is this normal? Any tips? TIA

  1. The weather affects my RA in that if it's too cold it hurts. Also if it gets too hot it hurts too. Then also if it's too dry it can trigger my RA. Come to think of it if it's too humid it can trigger my RA too. So lets just say that if the temperature and humidity isn't exactly right, things can go wrong - sufficed to say you are not alone! My best tip is don't set the air conditioner or heat too high and invest in a humidifier. It can help to maintain the environment best suited to your RA! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. Hi . Much like Daniel, my wife, Kelly Mack, was diagnosed as a young child and has a lot of experience with various weather induced RA experiences. Weather changes definitely tend to have a negative impact. For Kelly warm weather is better, but I know others do better in the cold. That is a major frustration - it is often only through experience that one learns what suits one best. I want to share with you this Forum on weather changes where you can find many views and experiences of weather impacts: Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Both with humid weather, but it seems more to depend on barometric pressure. I can't figure out if it is when it goes up or down, but it seems worse just before the humid cold or warmth hit. And I'd rather have the warm humid than cold except for the pressure change.

        1. you're definitely not alone! I know a lot of our community members find the barometric pressure changes (whether they're up or down) to cause an increase in RA symptoms and pain. I thought you might appreciate this article from our health leader, Wren. She has a few paragraphs in it about barometric pressure changes and her theory on why it impacts her joints, Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing with us here! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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