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Anyone getting lots of colds on MTX?

I've been on Methotrexate for for 5 months and have had 3 really bad colds, which is unusual for me. Doctor says I need to stop taking the Methotrexate when I have the colds, which triggers my RA/mixed connective tissue disease symptoms. Anyone else having this problem or suggestions?

  1. Great question, jml1!

    Here is article with information about Methotrexate: It does suppress the immune system so it's quite possible you're more susceptible to colds.

    I take MTX so I just try to keep the germs away. During the cold/flu season (even in spring) I wear a mask outside and carry hand sanitizer with me. I also do not shake hands with people! Hopefully other community members chime in with suggestions! ~Monica ( Team)

    1. Hi jml1. When my wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), was on a biologic and methotrexate she wrote this article about always getting various bugs and what she tried to do to avoid them: Not sure which medication was more to blame, but in the end it was the trying to stay healthy that was the important part for her. Best, Richard ( Team)

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