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Which shoes are comfy?

I have RA and its now effecting my feet & ankles. I thought others may have the same problem.

  1. Hi ShandaL, great question! You're absolutely right... SO many members in our community struggle with this as well! I'm sure several will chime in here in the near future with tips on comfy shoe brands that they use, however, in the meantime I thought you may find this article helpful, Thanks again for your question! -Casey, Team

    1. Hey ShandaL! Thanks for asking...I just wanted to piggy-back on CaseyH's comment and share this list of shoes brands our community members enjoy!

      All the best, Monica ( Team)

      1. Skechers work shoes are great for my job at a convenience store.

        1. Hi! My favorite shoes are made by Alegria. They are online. I have plantar fasciitis along with RA and fibromyalgia. The footbeds in most Alegria's are replacable, and made of memory foam, cork and latex. They form to your feet. The soles wear well and last a long time. Hope this helps!

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