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Are compression socks good or bad for RA?

I have RA and it has hit my knees and feet the most. I usally have swollen ankles and feet. Brought up to Dr. and specialist no concern. Tried alot of things to help keep them up etc. But when out can't always have them up. So was wondering if anyone has tried compression socks and if they help... or any other soultions for these day to day struggles. Thanks Lindsay

  1. Hello lindsay062709,
    I have compression socks and really like them, especially for days when I know I'm going to be on my feet all day with my kids. I have the ones that just go to the top of my ankle because I have most of my problems just in my feet and lower ankles. The only limitation I've found is if I happen to just be resting most of the day, I don't wear them then because they don't seem to have much impact on my pain unless I'm up and moving a lot. They have both the short and long ones available online. I would personally avoid the ones with "copper" simply because I found them to be cheaply made and the "copper" seemed to be nothing more than copper colored paint. 🙁
    I have also found that lotions and oils that contain CBD have helped me a great deal as well. I rub it on my feet and ankles in the morning and night. Plus the usual heat/ice. I am so sorry that you are having trouble with your feet too, they can make it seem like your whole body is aching! Best of luck in your struggle... -Leanne, Community Moderator

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I am going to try them. Its nice to knoe they work.

  2. Hi Lindsay062709. On top of the great feedback from Leanne, I thought you might be interested in this piece from our editorial team with compiled feedback from the community on compression socks for pain and swelling: Keep us posted on how they work out for you. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. I have JRA for 27+ years now. I've been getting swollen calves, Ankles, and feet with pitting edema.

      When this happens, especially after flying, my compression socks work great. I should be proactive and put them on before the flight.

      And if I put them on before bed, when I wake up, most of the time the swelling is completely gone.

      1. I wear flip flops all the time because shoes hurt my feet as the day progresses. A company by the name of Sockwell makes compression socks for flip flops. They are SUPER. Sometimes when my ankles are extremely swollen, I wear them day and night. Helps me a bunch and they are cute. YEAH for our side. North lake

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